Dienstag, 29. September 2015

Wilkommen zu Amerika, Herr Porche. (Leserkommentar im Wall Street Journal)

... und weitere internationale Stimmen zum VW-Skandal, die sich nun auch dem nächsten Skandal widmen: den Anwälten, die die Sammelklagen durchziehen:

I've always pitied Europeans in suffering folly of their governments taxing fuels so heavily they drove everyone to buy a diesel car for the sake of higher mileage.

The class action settlement will probably by a free oil change for the owners and 50 gagillion dollars for the lawyers!

just got the settlement for a 4 year old securities suit for a stock I owned then. After the lawyers got done, I was offered $0.10 a share to compensate for the $4/share loss.

I hope the attorneys clear $25 billion from VW.  Then no car company will dare mess with pollution laws ever again.  Keep your fingers crossed!

The governments of the world  needs to control the VW penalties  and put a total cap on what vw owns word wide/ vehicle and thus helping VW avoid bankruptcy. I would recommend no attorney fees allowed world wide. VW did was break the law.  No benefits from a Bankrupted VW. 

Journalyse-Quelle: Wall Street Journal